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01/24/2011 [Mon]

What is cool and hot in this season – Strawberry Picking around Kuno [Shizuoka]


After strolling about Mt. Kuno, I felt thirsty and a bit hungry. Lunch time ? Yes, but maybe I should make the most of this opportunity to be in Kuno, right ? ^^
Around Mt. Kuno, along the Kuno Coastline, you see hundreds of plastic greenhouses where you can enjoy strawberry picking, as much as you can eat for a limited time. I roamed around for a while and stepped into one of the strawberry farms, “Ichigo Land Masami” ( Ichigo means strawberries in English ). It stands along route 150, what we call “Kuno-Kaido” or “Strawberry Road”, and is very close from the foot of Mt. Kuno.



Despite mid-winter, it was very warm in the plastic greenhouse. Smells of sweet-sour strawberries made my stomach more growling. Can’t wait for it any more !><



By the way, you know what ? Strawberry Picking in Kuno is very characteristic. Can you recognize what it is from the picture ? Actually, for me, this IS the strawberry picking, but not for other people outside Shizuoka. Some grow strawberries in the field, others do on something like a platform as in the left picture. But here in Kuno, they make the most of its site conditions. Mountains facing the Suruga Bay. Sunny foothills. They made tilted stonewalls, with holes to plant strawberries in, to let them catch utmost blessing from the sun. The stonewall angle shall be 60 degrees, I heard. This is called “Ishigaki Ichigo”, strawberries on the stonewall that is the most distinctive feature in Kuno Strawberries. No heating appliances are used even in the winter time.


What is more, this farm, “Ichigo Land Masami” cultures 2 species of strawberry in a greenhouse. Strawberries are basically lined in 3 rows. The upper is for “Beni-hoppe” ( ruddy cheek ) and the middle and lower lines are for “Aki-hime”. Beni hoppe tastes sweet with a slight sourness and Aki hime tastes just sweet as honey ! ^^
As you can see from the picture, strawberries are reaching its best from now ! Just please be advised to make a booking beforehand because strawberry picking is very popular this season and they have too many visitors every weekend. I think it proves the fact good enough that they can’t open their greenhouses on weekdays for the lack of strawberries.

Now, I’m full and a little bit sweaty for walking and the warm greenhouse. So what do you want next ? Actually I’m on my way to Onsen hot spring facilities.


Next time, I’ll introduce “Sumpu Yume-Hiroba”.

Bye for now !^^

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

Posted by Satoshi Nihonyanagi at 15:51


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