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02/07/2011 [Mon]

Atami, the largest Onsen hot-spring resort in Shizuoka – The way to Kiunkaku [Atami]


After having a supernatural power at “Kinomiya Shrine”, I walked for "Kiunkaku" following the map ( ←open it for sure ! ). On my way, I found a small shrine named “Yuzen Shrine”, worshipped through the ages as the god of hot-spring in Atami. It was very interesting to me that people purify their hands or mouth after the gate with hot spring !


Now, attention please on the name “Yuzen”. It literally means “In front of hot water”. So, which water ? Remember I introduced a geyser at “Ieyasu no Yu” in the first place ?  Across the alley, there is another geyser “Ohyu Geyser” ( G on the map ) that has been supposedly regarded as one of the original sources of Atami Onsen hot springs.


The phone booth beside it is the replicated first phone booth in Japan in commemoration as the first city of out-of-city call. Yes, that is definitely true ! The out-of-city call started first in Atami ! So why ? Because major politicians used to come to Atami onsen resort for rest, they needed the circumstance to be able to reach someone in Tokyo any time. So, one single line was exclusively operated for outside the city call only here in Atami ! Atami is such a resort !


Strolling further, I passed Itokawa River (or Ito River ) where is very popular this season for “Atami Cherry Blossoms”. According to the website of Atami City Tourism Association, about 80 % of the cherry blossoms have been in bloom now. ^^ It’s being illuminated in the night until Feb 13 !


I walked on along the street, passing by “Atami Geigi Kenban” ( E on the map ) where you can see dance performances by Geisha. You can enjoy it Hana no Mai at 11:00 on Saturdays and Sundays for ¥1300. And please be informed that Atami Wodori the annual Geisha’s largest event will be held on Apr 28 & 29 as in the past. For further information, please see my previous record or this official page.^^



I guess I had walked for more than 20 minutes when I came across a seemingly boundless wall. This is it, “Kiunkaku” ( D on the map ).
This was originally a second mansion of an influential politician, once temporarily used as a gorgeous Japanese Inn, and is now a tangible cultural property of Atami City. You can tour around it for ¥500. I stepped in it and astonished by the extravagantly luxurious architecture and its wonderful garden.

You will see next time.^^

By for now !

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

Posted by Satoshi Nihonyanagi at 13:28


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