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03/13/2012 [Tue]

Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium [Numazu]


A newly established aquarium, “Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium” in Numazu Port offers the opportunity to see varieties of deep-sea fish around Suruga Bay, the deepest ocean in Japan ! I, as a fish lover, visited it to see what it was like. Deep-sea is the world of mystery or I would say, the treasure of mysteries. Now let’s get in ! ^^
The first thing I found was something really curious. It looks like a sow bug but it lives in the sea of 200 – 2500m deep ! See the pic anyway.


What surprised me most was its size ! Huge, actually. About 50cm ! Creepy but intriguing, isn’t it ? They said all customers stopped in front of this creature to gaze into it, which often made a line to the entrance gate. They surely would !
I made my way down the aisle, looking into enigmatic creatures, and stepped into a large room with a huge fish tank. It was really lucky for me to be there because it was just the moment when a new fish caught only an hour before was let in the tank, which was absolutely one of the most unusual fish of the world.



Ever heard of “Rabuka”, Frilled Shark ? It lives about 1000m deep and, according to the director, it’s almost never seen alive in the aquarium even through the world. He looked really exited then. How long can I let him stay alive, why is he swimming with his head down, question after question, he was talking to himself. However, the next day, it died. All his efforts finished in vain. Anyway, I was one of the few witnesses. Very sorry, though.



I went on to the next room, which is the highlight of Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium. Already extinct, maybe we never doubt it. But discovered in 1938. It lives unchanged since 350 million years ago. Can you imagine what I’m talking about ? Yes, Coelacanth, the living fossil ! The real stuffed specimen and cryopreservation can be seen only at Numazu Deep Sea Museum in Japan. They possess 5 of them.


Why do they have such long fins ? To walk on the sea bottom ? Why haven’t they been evolved for hundreds of millions of years ? Mysteries still left undetected.
By the way, you can also experience the taste of deep-sea fish at the restaurants around the aquarium. I was really stupid then to have finished lunch at other sushi restaurant, not knowing deep-sea fish menu. So maybe you try it and let me know by all means !

Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium
Access : 15 minutes by bus from JR Numazu Station
Admission : ¥1600/adult, ¥800/child
Open Hours : 10:00 – 18:00 (– 19:00 in July and August ) Open 7 days a week

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