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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

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03/23/2012 [Fri]

Amagi Museum [Izu City]


Another new facility, “Amagi Museum” was opened on Jan 2, 2012 in the middle of Izu Peninsula, Amagi, Izu City. They basically exhibit Japan’s famous arts for some duration and when I visited it, they were having the exhibition of world-loved Lego block works “PIECE of PEACE” ( legoⓇ ).


The first thing you will see at the entrance hall is the Tutankhamen built with as many as 20000 pieces of Lego, and dozens of Lego artistic works welcome you in the exhibition hall. Actually, they are displaying 26 world heritages of 20 countries for now until April 8, 2012. They look so real seen from a distance but if you walk closer, you will know that they are built only with pieces of Lego. Honestly amazing !


Walking around “Mont-Saint-Michel”, “Shuri Castle”, “Eiffel Tour” and “The Tower of Pisa”, I was almost feeling like I had been touring around the world. What pleased me most was that Mt. Fuji, temporarily registered in the list of prospective world heritage, was shown in the hall. 6000 pieces of Lego. How could it be ?



Then, I found a room for build-it-by-yourself, which reminded me of my childhood. I of course sat on the chair and reached some of Lego pieces. Imagination was only what was required but no matter how much I tried to figure a shape, nothing came upon me. There, I found a pair of tire. Maybe this is it. I put another piece on it, one after another, and finished it up after 10 minutes or so. Weird. I know I have no sense of beauty or art, whatever. Anyway, the world heritages of Lego worth seeing ! I reacknowledged then the fact that we are all connected to each other. Please stop by to find your own discovery.^^


From April 14, a Japanese cartoonist Ebisu’s work will be exhibited in the hall. Hope you enjoy it too !

Have a good day !^^

Amagi Museum
Access:30 minutes by bus to “Yugashima” bus stop from Shuzenji Station of Izu-hakone Railway
Admission:¥500 for adults, ¥300 for children ( Free for pre-school children )
Open Hours:10:00 – 17:00 ( closed on Tuesdays )
※ Part of admission and sales of related goods will be donated for World Heritage Activity of National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan

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Posted by Satoshi Nihonyanagi at 15:09


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