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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

富士山静岡空港 Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport

静岡県 Shizuoka Prefecture Official Site


Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

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06/14/2012 [Thu]

Mt. Fuji Regular Tour Bus [Information]


Today, I received an ad that introduces a tour bus to Mt. Fuji and because it may help those who like to visit Mt. Fuji and other surrounding sightseeing spots without checking up complicated timetables, here I provide you with it with English description and my old reports.^^

Mt. Fuji Regular Tour Bus

09:30 Departure from JR Shin-Fuji Station #6 bus stop
10:15 Departure from JR Fujinomiya Station #2 bus stop
Mt.Fuji 5th Station of Fujinomiya Route for sightseeing
Asagiri Food Park for lunch and sightseeing
Shiraito Falls for sightseeing
Fuji Takasago Sake Brewery for studying
Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine for sightseeing
17:05 Arrival at Fujinomiya Station
17:45 Arrival at Shin-Fuji Station

From Shin-Fuji Satation = ¥3500 for adults/¥1750 for children
From Fujinomiya Station = ¥3300 for adults/¥1650 for children

Booking basically required. In case vacancies available on the day, seats are to be offered to customers without reservation. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us ! Have a good day ♪

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

Posted by Satoshi Nihonyanagi at 11:30


Thank you for your message !^^ Please request me anything when you need some information.

Have a good evening !

Satoshi Nihonyanagi 06/19/2012 18:03 [Delete]

Thank you for the information. This is great !

Amy Hay 06/19/2012 13:26 [Delete]

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