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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

富士山静岡空港 Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport

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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

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03/05/2012 [Mon]

Event Information in March [Event Information]


Here is the event Information in March in Shizuoka Prefecture. Please go on to the next URL to find wonderful festivals that tells the coming of Spring !^^

Event Information In March 

And be sure to feel free to contact us, or post your message in case you need further information.

Have a good day !^^♪

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03/01/2012 [Thu]

Grinpa 1 ― Let’s play in the snow in Shizuoka ! [Susono]


Shizuoka is often known as a city of mild climate through the year but you know what ? We have some wonderful places where you can play in the snow ! As you know, we have Mt. Fuji in our city and there are some leisure facilities around it that people of all ages can enjoy with snow. First comes “Grinpa”. It’s been capturing lots of kids and parents for sledding or skating. I also had been intrigued as much as I visited there to find how it was like.


At 10:00 am, I stood in front of Grinpa on that day. Lots of tour buses were already there and I saw quite a few children and parents getting out of them and proceeding toward the gate with sleds. Here we go !
A few minutes later, I got to a snow-covered hill.


So, this is it ! Children sledding and yelping with pleasure. Parents also seemed joyful in the snow ♪ And for me, no exception because this is my first time to touch snow this year. Actually, for us living in Shizuoka, snowing is such an unusual phenomenon that TV would broadcast widely on the day.
Unfortunately, the sky was not clear enough then to see Mt. Fuji but here is a picture that you may see if you are lucky. Yes, right at the food of Mt. Fuji ! For those who like to ski, there is “Yeti” 5 minutes away from Grinpa. I’ll introduce it another day.^ ^



Next comes “Yuki Picasso” in Grimpa. This is the winter athletic area for kids with 6 attractions. The most catching one is “Go Go Tubing”, which you ride on a tire and slide on the hill. I gave it a try to feel the gentle winter wind but it goes too fast, and that made me a little bit scary…..because I’d gained weight too much ? ^^;



For Japanese (552KB)

By the way, I had had something in my mind when I saw the snow covered field. I finally set it into action at Yuki Picasso. Snowman ! I grabbed some simmering snow tightly into a ball and made it up with some felts. Adorable, isn’t it ? ^^
At Grinpa, you can have fun with sledding until April 1 and Yuki Picasso until Mar 20. Please enjoy the last days of this winter anyway !

Access :
Winter-limited direct bus available from JR Shizuoka Station ( by way of Fujikawa Rakuza and JR Fujinomiya Station )
JR Shizuoka 7:30 ⇒ Grinpa 10:30 / Grinpa 16:00 ⇒ JR Shizuoka 18:30
Bus Fare & Admission Ticket  ¥3900/adult ・ ¥3200/child
( Available until Mar 31/Booking Required )
Route bus available from JR Mishima, Gotemba, and Fuji Station( Please inquire for the operation day and departure time )
Route Bus & Addmision Ticket  ¥3600/adult ・ ¥2350/child
Open Hours : 9:30 – 16:00 ( 17:00) See details from here ※ Basically closed on Wednesdays
※Sledding field and Yuki Picasso may be closed without prior notice in bad weather conditions. Please be advised to inquire Grinpa beforehand.
¥1000(One-day Pass ¥3200)/Adult ・ ¥ 700(One-day Pass ¥2400)/child
Direct bus from Tokyo also available now. Please contact us for more information.

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02/28/2012 [Tue]

Fish Farming Tour at Uchiura Fishing Port, Numazu City [Numazu]


A unique tour has just started in Numazu City, Shizuoka. As you know, we Japanese love seafood and Japan’s fish culture industry is thus well developed in the world. Now, here is a great opportunity that you can learn real fish farming on the real fishing boat ! The tour takes 1.5 – 2.0 hours with wonderful Sashimi lunch ! Sounds good ?


The tour is carried out by the Fisheries Cooperative Association of Uchiura fishing port. They just held an experimental tour the other day and I, always crazy for seafood, joined it without any question !^^ As far as I know, this will be the only tour for fish farming in Shizuoka. If you are as passionate as I am about seafood, enjoy the morning fish auction of Numazu Port, too ! Anyway, let me go ahead about this tour.


It was a beautiful day. About 30 participants got on the boat and we left away from the port to the farming spots. Although Mt.Fuji cannot be seen from the port, we could find astonishingly wonderful & beautiful Mt. Fuji from the boat ! This can be definitely another part of this tour. It took us 5 minutes or so to the farm. They mainly cultivate Aji ( horse mackerel ) and Tai ( Sea Bream ) and you can also feed these fish on the spot. It was really overwhelming to see fish thronging around the bait. I tried many times to take nice pictures of sea breams in vain. You know, they were moving too fast !



After the boat tour, we were led to the fish-processing factory to see how Himono ( half-dried salted fish ) is cooked. We talked for a while to ask several questions and went back to the market to enjoy Himono outside ! Char-grilled. Mmm, delicious !^^



After the himono party, we had lunch with fresh sashimi of Aji & Tai. I could tell they had been alive a few minutes before from the texture of the fish meat. Trust me, I’m really kind of pro about seafood ! See the transparent-looking slices of sashimi. You can’t find it in supermarket nor even in fish market. Perfect in every aspect !
Anyway, this is the story about basic tour and some options are still available by your request. Sashimi cooking, fish catch and the like. Please feel free to ask us for further information. I show the details of the tour on the bottom.


Fish farm Tour at Uchiura Fishing Port
Tour Fee : ¥3,500/adult ¥2,500/child ( Sashimi Lunch included )
Tour menu : ・Fishing boat boarding. ・Fish farm tour ・Feeding ・Lunch
※ Tour available from 10 – 30 passengers
※ Lunch-only group acceptable
※ Booking required. ( R=10% for travel agencies )

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“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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02/24/2012 [Fri]

Information from Shizuoka [Information]

Find Shizuoka’s traditional Hina Dolls in Tokyo !


Remember the “Mt. Fuji Green Tea Plaza” in Tokyo that I reported the other day ? There now you can find very tiny and adorable suspended hina dolls inherited in Higashi-izu Town since old days. Please see the details about Hina-dolls of Higashiizu Town from here.
Hida Dolls will be expected in the Tokyo office until March 2nd. I personally want them to stay longer but they say that if you don’t get it over with by March 3, you − especially girls − would be left alone away from marriage.
Anyway, enjoy our lovely tradition over wonderful green tea !

Atami Baien ( Plum Garden ) Plum Blossom Festival extended until March 11


Owing to delayed blossoming caused by unexpected cold weather, Plum Blossom Festival in Atami Baien will be extended until March 11. As of Feb 21, they say that 30% of all are in bloom. It’s getting warmer and warmer in Shizuoka these days. I just wonder if they open up at one burst !^^
Last year’s report is available from here.

Kawazu-zakura Cherry Blossom Festival extended until March 18


Unconventional cold weather also affected the blossoming time of our featuring festival in winter, “Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival”. Originally, though, it’s supposed to be held until March 10, due to the unexpected delay, it will be extended until March 18 as “Kawazu Haru Urara ( Balmy Spring ) Festival”. As of Feb 24, only 10-20% of all are in bloom. Not yet good to see. Still, you can enjoy B-class Gourmet or other local foods at food stalls standing all the way along the river. Also please refer to the repot of 2011 from here.

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02/20/2012 [Mon]

Kuro-Hanpen of Yaizu City ― Yamashita Shoten store [Yaizu]


Kuro Hanpen ( literally means “Black Fish Cake” ) is a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture and very popular among people, often cooked in Oden or deep-fried in itself. It’s manufactured most in Yaizu City and nowadays, “Kuro Hanpen of Yaizu” has become a brand-name for its outstanding quality. Since 80% of production is being consumed in Shizuoka, it’s not common yet even in Japan and lots of domestic tourists come for it to Yaizu in recent years and that’s why I, this time, visit “Yamashita Shoten”, Kuro Hanpen processing factory, to see how it is processed to be wonderful Hanpens.^^


Kuro Hanpen may seem almost the same as Kamaboko fish cake but there is a big difference between them. While Kamaboko is to be made from white meat fish, it’s made from blueback fish such as sardines and mackerels, all of which give you fishier flavor, I would say, the very taste of Yaizu Port, one of the Japan’s largest fishing ports !
Now, let’s see how it is processed. The main ingredients are several kinds of fishes, which are to be minced for 30 – 40 minutes until it becomes smooth enough. Then, the fish paste is molded and boiled for a while and cooled instantaneously in the fridge of -15℃ afterwards. This is how resilient texture of Hanpen is born. It takes about 1 hour to finish the whole process and they say they can work out 8000 – 9000 pieces of Hanpen in an hour !



It was really outstanding how they packed the productions, too ! No wonder because they, this season, perform as many as 30,000 Hanpens every day. ^^



Yamashita Shoten is a long-established store of 80 years specializing only in Kuro Hanpen. You can find it in the supermarkets or souvenir shops and what is more, for those who like to experience the process, they will make a business trip to let you have a chance to learn how to make it using real hanpen ingredients. Please feel free to inquire us for further information !^^ Also open this URL to buy their Hanpen through internet ( In Japanese, for domestic delivery only ).

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