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01/19/2011 [Wed]

Momotaro International House in Shizuoka City [Shizuoka]


You know, we’ve got many inquiries such as “Where do you recommend to visit in Shizuoka ?” or “Where is the best place to see Mt. Fuji ?” every day. And one of the most common question is, “Would you please find a inexpensive room where I can communicate in English ?”. You too ?^^
Today, I report a new guest house in Shizuoka City ! It is just near the Sengen Shrine where I introduced in “Hatsumode” article. It’s on the way to it !


It is very simple for access. You get out of JR Shizuoka station from north exit and keep walking along the main street that stretches strait to the north. Then, you will find a red shrine gate in about 20 minutes. Walking through the gate and along the shopping street, you will get to Sengen Shrine. Now, can you see the pink colored building in the picture ? That is it, “Momotaro International House”. The entrance door is on the main street ( not on the shopping street ) that is in the left picture.
The front desk is on the second floor. I met the manager there and talked with him for a while.


Room for 1 Person

“How long have you been on it ?”
It’s been open since Oct, 2010. I started this business for visitors, especially backpackers to offer inexpensive rooms to them. We have already had long-term guests from abroad. Some go to schools, others go out to various cities for sightseeing. Though our rooms are not spacious, and we don’t have Onsen hot spring either, we will try every effort to offer our best hospitality to our guests. Actually, he showed me a hand-made city map and a book of tickets for Onsen facility near the guest house to share it cheaper with visitors.


Room for 2 Persons

Now, see the following for your information.

Momotaro International House
1F for the Restaurant “Gonta-chaya”. 2F for front desk. 3F & 4F for guest rooms and 5F for the Sri Lanka style massage room.
12 rooms for up to 19 guests.
You can check in from 14:00 ( or earlier if the room is available ) and have to check out by 11:00 ( or later if the room is available ). No surcharge on it.^^
Non-Japanese guests and only Japanese women are acceptable. That means, Japanese men can NOT stay in. Poor me.><


Room for 3 Persons

Every room has TV, fridge and room lights. Some rooms have a desk and a chair.
In the building is a shared bathroom, shower room, living room and a kitchen including rice cookers, microwaves and ovens. Laundries and dryer machines are available free of charge !
Booking is to be confirmed through website, e-mail or by phone. In Japanese or English only for now.



Now, here are some of the room charges effective from Jan through Dec, 2011.
¥2650 for budget single rooms
¥3150 for single rooms
¥4200 for twin rooms
Room charges may vary for some reason. Please be advised to find updated information beforehand through their official website
Anyway, as you know, it varies depending on the person what is fun during the trip. If you think much of our tradition or histories in accommodation facilities, this guest house may be not enough, but if you need only a bed to sleep on, go ahead try it !^^

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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