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B-class Gourmet

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12/27/2010 [Mon]

Walking around Mishima Station 3 – Gourmet in Mishima [Mishima]


Today, back from Mishima, I introduce some special foods available there. I for myself make it a basic policy to have specialties of the spot I visit to understand it more. You know, local food tells its culture, right ?^^
Now, what can we eat in Mishima ? First of all, I’ll take up “Mishima Croquette” that has become well known throughout Japan as one of the best among B-class Gourmet. It basically made from Mishima Potato harvested in the west part of Hakone. You can enjoy it as a snack or a side dish for meals. Around Mishima Station stand many croquette shops. I took some of them to satisfy my stomach while walking.^^



Next comes Fukutaro that I introduced in “Mishima Taisha Shrine”. It is tansy-mixed rice cakes with bean paste. It was originally a gift for celebration but it has become imperceptibly one for souvenir that represents Mishima City. You can buy it in a box, or eat it in at the Japanese teahouse “Fukutaro” in Mishima Taisha Shrine. 2 for ¥200 with green tea. It is very nice to take something sweet after good walking, isn’t it ?^^

After you’ve enjoyed Mishima enough, you may like to have a good dinner. Water from Mt. Fuji and Hakone is a natural bounty for Mishima City. They boast it and make the most of this paradise of aquatic lives for something special.
By the way, have you ever heard of “the day of Doyo-no-Ushi” ? It is a day of the ox assigned by the animal zodiac during the seasonal Doyo period and it comes once or twice by the seasons. Especially the day of Doyo-no-Ushi in Summer is well-known and some of you may know that we eat “Unagi” grilled eel on this day because it is said to be good for nutritional fortification to get the better of the summer heat.


So, why do you think I’ve told you such a thing ? Because Unagi is one of the specialties in Mishima ! They say eels in Mishima smell less fishy by letting it in the pure water from Mt. Fuji for several weeks. Still, nutritional value remains as it is. You can find many Unagi restaurants around Mishima Station. In this PDF are introduced 28 Unagi restaurants.





I stepped in one of them, after finishing my work, and ordered conventional “Una-don”, a bowl of rice with grilled eel. It tasted splendid with the scent of charcoal fire and tender texture. The meat was juicy with a lot of fat just as melting in my mouth. I finished it up in a few minutes. Maybe I should have enjoyed it better.^^;


Payable-by-tickets sign

It would be quite smart of you to find shops and restaurants where you can pay by “Tsumamigui Ticket”.^^ I paid all of them above by ticket on that day.
“Tsumamigui Ticket” is ¥1000 with tickets of ¥1100 and a good postcard. You can obtain it at Mishima Tourist Association in front of JR Mishima Station.
Anyway, when you visit Mishima for Hatsumode or anything else, please enjoy these gourmet specialties as well.

Bye for now !^^

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