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08/31/2011 [Wed]

A wonderful waterfall in the middle of Izu Peninsula ― Joren Waterfall [Izu City]


Ok, now I took a bus from Odaru-iriguchi in front of “Kawazu Seven Falls” to get to the next destination, “Joren Falls”. I often stop over it when I take a lovely drive through Izu Area because it’s located just in the middle of Izu and good as the rest spot for drivers. The parking lot is spacious enough, some souvenir shops and restaurants stand around, good walking trails are prepared, and what’s more, a spectacular waterfall, “Joren Waterfall” can be found if you take a further walk down the mountain.


Again, be sure that you are wearing shoes for walking because the trail is rather steep and slippery around the river. It takes only a couple of minutes to walk down, though. Just get yourself prepared to walk up ! It’s kind of back-breaking to me.^^;



“Joren Waterfall” is not only for sightseeing. Activity as well. Actually, fishing ! There stands a hut where you can have fishing rods and bait, and that day, I saw lots of people lowering bamboo fishing rods or sometimes someone trying to land the struggling trout. Even beginners can enjoy it because they release trout into the river regularly. All trout you may catch can be taken home. No extra charge. They also clean your catch for a bit of money so as to get ready for BBQ. Another pleasure is that you can see the Wasabi Field along the river. It’s richly cultivated for the pure water. And wasabi shop is beside the walkway. It’s fun just to look around.^^



Now, Joren Waterfall, one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, marks 25m high, 7m wide and 15m deep. And, believe it or not, it is traditionally believed that there lives a beautiful Joro Spider in the water pocket. Why spider ? Old tales tell that some men were caught by a silky spider web and taken into the water. A man even saw a stunningly beautiful woman beside the water. Here, I strongly advise you not to turn around and keep your back facing the waterfall. Especially cool guys. She might want you in another world. No wonder I found a web on my foot.^^

Enjoy your summer, anyway ! Good day !^^

Joren Falls

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08/29/2011 [Mon]

Hiking in the mountain ― Kawazu Seven Falls [Kawazu]


After seeing off the Suruga Bay Ferry, I took Tokai Bus to get to “Kawazu Seven Falls”. You can directly reach the main gateway for Seven Falls from “Odaru-guchi” bus-stop but in my case, I took the opposite way and this course is the very one generally most recommended by local hikers because you have only to hike DOWN the mountain. Remember the stop “Mizu-tare”. Here is the map for you with my footsteps marked down. Please open the PDF.
Now I began to walk from Mizutare bus stop and soon found the first waterfall “Kama-daru” ( Kettle Waterfall ). Be sure you are wearing shoes for hiking because the trails are partly very steep and slippery.
←Kama daru Waterfall


Kawazu Map (701KB)


Besides “Kama daru” waterfall, there are naturally other 6 falls as the name “Seven Falls” says. I saw, in order, “Ebi-daru” ( Prawn Waterfall ), “Hebi-daru” ( Snake Waterfall ), “Shokei-daru” ( First-sight Waterfall ), “Kani-daru” ( Crab Waterfall ), “Deai-daru” ( Confluent Waterfall ), and “O-daru” ( Large Waterfall ). Sorry that I can’t show you all pictures in the report. Maybe you can visit and see all of them with your own eyes.^^

Shokei-daru waterfall →


Odaru Waterfall

On your way, you will find an adorable shopping street ? where you can buy local products and souvenirs. I was very excited when I found Miyama stag-beetles sold there in cages. Miyama is something for Japanese boys, I definitely believe !


The walkway is well arranged from Syokei-daru (C) to O-daru (F). In case you wear sandals for some reason, it will be best to reach “Odaru-guchi” stop by bus and stroll to Shokei-daru. The statue of Odoriko there is well known as a symbol of Kawazu Seven Falls. Ryokans including Amagi-so stand around the walkway. The picture in the right is the O-daru, by the way, the largest waterfall among seven falls. 30m high and 7m wide. Overwhelming, isn’t it ?^^


Now, after all, it took me about 1 hour to walk through the trails and finally, I got to the Odaru-guchi bus-stop. I took the bus bound for Shuzenji passing the famous roadway “Kawazu Seven Falls Loop Bridge”. I was meant to visit the next destination, “Joren Falls”. Ever heard of Japanese famous song “Amagi-goe” ? I guess you not.^^; Anyway, it’s become so popular for the song. I’ll report it next time.
Have a good day !^^

Kawazu Seven Falls
Access : JR Mishima Sta. → Shuzenji ( by Izu-Hakone Railway ) → Mizutare or Odaru-guchi bus stop ( by Tokai Bus ), Or
JR Atami Sta. → Kawazu Sta. ( by Izukyu Railway ) → Mizutare or Odaru-guchi bus stop ( by Tokai Bus )

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07/29/2011 [Fri]

Coming of Summer holidays ! ― Shiraito Falls in Fujinomiya City [Fujinomiya]


Next comes “Shiraito Falls” ! Because I really love the place, I’ve visited there many times. It’s one of the “Best 100 waterfalls in Japan” and also designated as a national natural treasure. “Shiraito” literally means “White Threads” and, as the name tells, hundreds of white thread-like streams fall down spreading nearly 200m. Most of the water comes from Mt. Fuji. Snow-melt water goes through the ground and spring up in various spots. Stand right in front of the water, and you will see how cool the air is even in mid-summer with cold water and negative ions. Shiraito Falls is not only for its spectacular scenery to me. I have my own pleasure there. The golden trout ! Take a look into the crystal-clear water and you will find him shining gold right over there.^^v


On your way to Shiraito Falls, you will walk through the shopping-street-like pathway. Not to mention shopping, you can also enjoy coffee, whippy ice-cream and light meals.



Now, listen carefully. Hear the thunderous roar ? Follow it then, and you will find “Otodome Falls”. “Otodome” literally means “to stop sounds”. Here is a history. Once upon a time, 2 samurai warriors were having a private consultation about avenging their father near the waterfall but they could not hear each other due to the roar of water. Then one of them mourned. “Waterfall of heartless and mindless spirit, you never know our torture, do you”. Then, It’s said that the sound stopped in due course. Now, which one do you like better, Shiraito the decent waterfall, or Otodome the vigorous one ?^^


I dare to take this opportunity to introduce one more waterfall in Fujinomiya. “Jimba Falls”, where Minamoto Yoritomo who started the Shogunate in Kamakura in 1192 and his men placed their headquarters in hunting around Mt. Fuji. Just like Shiraito Falls, Snow-melt water comes out from Mt. Fuji and also you will feel very cool around the water. The hiking trail is available from Lake Tanuki.


Why don’t you try ? ^^

Shiraito Falls & Otodome Falls
Access from JR Fujinomiya Sta. → About 30 mins by #2 bus for “Shiraito-no Taki”
Admission:Free ※Open 7 days a week
Jimba Falls
Access from JR Fujinomiya Sta. → About 40 mins by bus for “Inogashira” to the bus stop “Onshoji Hostel iriguchi” and five minute walk
Admission:Free ※Open 7 days a week



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11/02/2010 [Tue]

At the foot of Mt. Fuji ― Shiraito Falls [Fujinomiya]


How are you doing ? In Japan, actually in Shizuoka, I see many people wearing jackets. Autumn has fully come all out, I presume.
Now, let me start from JR Fujinomiya Station for guiding to Shiraito Falls. After passing through the ticket gate on the second floor, turn right and keep on the walkway above the road to find the bus depot. Then, you will see the ticket office as in the picture. The bus stop is just in front of it.

Now, take the bus from #2 for Shiraito Falls, in Japanese “白糸の滝” to get it off at “Shiraito-no-taki Iriguchi” (白糸の滝入口) or “Gongenbashi” (権現橋). I did at “Shiraito-no-taki Iriguchi”, which means “the gateway of Shiraito Falls” and got to the very entrance of it in 1 minute. On my way, on the bridge, I saw a very clear stream.


Many souvenir shops stand along the walkway. I saw a group of tourists coming up. Not in Japanese. Chinese, maybe. Walking for several minutes, you will become curious about the thunderous sound of water. This is called “Otodome Falls” which literally means “the sound falls stopped its sound”. An interesting history is in it.


Once in Heian Era, a man of Ito family ( remember the father of Yae-hime ? It’s him ) defrauded a young man of his land and wife. He is a Kudo of honorable Kudo clan. No wonder he grudged the Ito. He sent assassins to attack the Ito and killed his son to get even.
After Kamakura Shogunate was settled, two men met each other by a humongous waterfall. They are brothers of Soga family, originally the sons of the Ito assassinated by Kudo. After their father was killed, his wife, with two children, got married with a Soga.
They were having a confidential talk about killing the Kudo by the falls but they couldn’t listen to each other due to the roaring of it.
They prayed and prayed, until finally the sound stopped for a moment. That is the reason why his falls is called “Otodome Falls”. Eventually, they killed Kudo, but were killed by Kudo’s men.


Strolling along the pathway, you will pass by another souvenir shops and be led to the stairs to get down. The way to Shiraito Falls ! You can see it enough from above but please explore the trail to the very front of it if you are vigorous enough because I’d like you to see how clear the water is. It comes mostly from Mt. Fuji. The air near the water pool is rather misty and very refreshing.


To my surprise, a gift shop is by the waterfall. Is it all right ?
It flows like pure white silks, with feminine grace and dignity. Shiraito Falls has been designated as a national natural treasure and nominated as a fall of 100 best falls in Japan. It’s also very famous as a autumn color spot that reached its best after the middle of Nov. If you are planning to come to Shizuoka, please add Shiraito Falls to your list.


Next time, I’ll report Makai-no-Bokujo Ranch.
Have a good day !^^

Shiraito Falls & Otodome Falls
Access from JR Fujinomiya Station → 30 minutes by #2 Bus
Admission : Free

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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