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02/07/2011 [Mon]

Atami, the largest Onsen hot-spring resort in Shizuoka – The way to Kiunkaku [Atami]


After having a supernatural power at “Kinomiya Shrine”, I walked for "Kiunkaku" following the map ( ←open it for sure ! ). On my way, I found a small shrine named “Yuzen Shrine”, worshipped through the ages as the god of hot-spring in Atami. It was very interesting to me that people purify their hands or mouth after the gate with hot spring !


Now, attention please on the name “Yuzen”. It literally means “In front of hot water”. So, which water ? Remember I introduced a geyser at “Ieyasu no Yu” in the first place ?  Across the alley, there is another geyser “Ohyu Geyser” ( G on the map ) that has been supposedly regarded as one of the original sources of Atami Onsen hot springs.


The phone booth beside it is the replicated first phone booth in Japan in commemoration as the first city of out-of-city call. Yes, that is definitely true ! The out-of-city call started first in Atami ! So why ? Because major politicians used to come to Atami onsen resort for rest, they needed the circumstance to be able to reach someone in Tokyo any time. So, one single line was exclusively operated for outside the city call only here in Atami ! Atami is such a resort !


Strolling further, I passed Itokawa River (or Ito River ) where is very popular this season for “Atami Cherry Blossoms”. According to the website of Atami City Tourism Association, about 80 % of the cherry blossoms have been in bloom now. ^^ It’s being illuminated in the night until Feb 13 !


I walked on along the street, passing by “Atami Geigi Kenban” ( E on the map ) where you can see dance performances by Geisha. You can enjoy it Hana no Mai at 11:00 on Saturdays and Sundays for ¥1300. And please be informed that Atami Wodori the annual Geisha’s largest event will be held on Apr 28 & 29 as in the past. For further information, please see my previous record or this official page.^^



I guess I had walked for more than 20 minutes when I came across a seemingly boundless wall. This is it, “Kiunkaku” ( D on the map ).
This was originally a second mansion of an influential politician, once temporarily used as a gorgeous Japanese Inn, and is now a tangible cultural property of Atami City. You can tour around it for ¥500. I stepped in it and astonished by the extravagantly luxurious architecture and its wonderful garden.

You will see next time.^^

By for now !

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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12/16/2010 [Thu]

Walking around Mishima Station 3 – Mishima Taisha Shrine - 2 [Mishima]


Now, we are in Honden area. The building in the center is called “Maidono”, a place for Shinto events. When we visited there, a couple was having a wedding ceremony. The Shinto priest told us that Matsuzaka, a pitcher of Major League, had wedding in Mishima Taisha Shrine, too.
In front of the Honden main hall, actually we call it “Haiden”, you know what we do, right ? Yes, toss coins and “bow twice, clap twice and bow once again”. Be sure you pray for the safety of your family or passing the exam, whatever, before the last bow.


In “Mishima Taisha Shrine Formal Visit Tour”, you can get inside the Haiden hall to have a traditional ritual by Shinto priests. We did, as well. It seemed to have taken every evil fortune away from me to have a happy new-year. After the ritual, you will get a talisman and others as in the picture. This talisman is one of our cultures. We put it on the wall of the room to pray every day instead of visiting the shrine.
Getting out of the Haiden hall, the priest took us to the back of Honden main hall, regarded as one of the most sacred places in the shrine, where general visitors can’t get in. Pictures not allowed. He told us, at the center of the backyard, that this is the gate for Konohana-no-sakuyahimeno-mikoto, the god of Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine and also the daughter of the god in Mishima Taisha, Oyamatsumi-no-mikoto.
So, gods have families.^^;


At the end of the tour, you will be guided to the Museum. On our way, he showed us a huge tree of orange osmanthus, designated as a natural treasure. It is said to have been there for more than 1200 years but not one of the 7 trees. It is quite mysterious that the criteria for 7 trees, 7 stones and 8 alleys have not been yet clarified. I’m sure it will give off fascinating scent at the end of summer.^^
So, the Museum. The admission is included in the tour fee. No payment. Please find the historically valuable materials and feel the history of Mishima as long as you like.


By the way, Mishima Taisha Shrine has 2 sources of water. One is from Mt. Fuji, which is definitely drinkable. And the other is from Hakone, which is not somehow. Interesting, isn’t it ?^^
After the museum, we had a specialty of Mishima Taisha Shrine at a Japanese Teahouse. Fukutaro, rice cake mixed with tansy with bean paste, is very popular and famous in Mishima. Only ¥200 for 2 sticks, coming with green tea ! You can also buy them for souvenirs. It’s very nice they accept payment by Tsumamigui-ticket.^^


So, how do you like this tour ? Mishima is only within an hour from Tokyo. Please visit Mishima Taisha Shrine for the Tour or Hatsumode. In the tour, you will have a help in English, Chinese or Korean, if the staff of Mishima Tourist Association is available. For further information, please contact Mishima Tourist Association.

Have a good day !^^

Mishima Taisha Shrine
Access from JR Mishima Station : 15 minute walk
Open Hours : 7 days a week
“Mishima Taisha Shrine Formal Visit Tour”
Tour Fee : ¥800 ( Museum admission included )

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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12/14/2010 [Tue]

Walking around Mishima Station 3 – Mishima Taisha Shrine - 1 [Mishima]


Do you know what the largest event for Shinto shrines is ? It is Hatsumoude, the new-year visit to the shrine. Here in Mishima, there is a Shinto shrine that attracts the largest number of people in Shizuoka every year. That is, Mishima Taisha Shrine. And today, I introduce the Formal Visit Tour so that you can get deeper in our culture.
At 13:00, I was in front of Mishima Taisha to join the tour. A Shinto priest was there to guide us. We had a little talk after saying hello and moved toward the Honden main hall. On our way, he told us about the history of the shrine and legendary stories associated with trees and stones of hundreds of years ago.


Mishima Taisha is said to have 2000 year history with 2 Gods, Oyamatsumi-no-mikoto and Tumihayae-kotoshironusi-no-kami. Forget about these long names. I can’t remember them, either.^^; Now, in Mishima, it is said that there used to be 7 trees, 7 stones and 8 alleys. The picture is one of 7 trees, of 1000 years old. The common ordinary stone half in the ground is also one of 7 stones, called “Cow Stone”. It is very intriguing that not all trees, stones or alleys have been confirmed yet. Curious mystery.^^


In the shrine, there stand 10 kinds of cherry blossoms and attract people from the middle of Jan through the end of Mar.

Now, yes, the formal way of worship in shrines. It’s almost the same as the way I told in the article Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine. In walking on the approach, be sure not to keep the center of it. That is the passage for Gods. So we walk on the right or left but the right side is said for upper class. That comes to, yes, we’ve no choice but to walk on the left side.^^;


Walking for a while, you will see a water place with many ladles on it. This is the place where you purify yourself before entering the main area.
Take a dipper of water with the right hand and take one step back so that the water isn’t spilled into the basin. Now rinse your left hand with slight water, and right hand in the same way. Then rinse your mouth, carrying water with your left hand, and the handle with the rest of the water. Now you are entirely eligible for stepping forward.^^


Can you see, in the picture, people walking through the center of the gate ? That is for Gods. I would recommend you to pass through the left as I’ve explained. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our Japanese Culture.^^

Bye for now !


Mishima Taisha Shrine
Access from JR Mishima Station : 15 minute walk
Open Hours : 7 days a week
“Mishima Taisha Shrine Formal Visit Tour”
Tour Fee : ¥800 ( Museum admission included )

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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