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Mountain Climbing Guide

The official climbing season for Mt. Fuji is between July1 and August 31.

Please ensure you have proper mountain climbing gear and other equipment when climbing the mountain.

Also, please follow the basic rules and precautions listed below.

Rules for climbing Mt. Fuji

  1. Do not stray off the specified mountain climbing trails.
  2. Do not leave garbage behind on the mountain.
  3. Do not take away natural flora, fauna or rocks.
  4. Do not take pets with you.
  5. If you use a walking stick to help you climb, ensure that it is fitted with a cap at the tip.
  6. Do not spoil the natural environment with graffiti or other marking.
  7. Keep the toilets clean.
  8. Do not leave your vehicle engine running.

Mountain climbing trails

Fujinomiya Trail

The Fujinomiya Trail is on the south facing slope of Mt. Fuji, and offers a panoramic view of Suruga Bay and Izu Peninsula.

This trail is also popular because vehicles can travel up to an altitude of 2,400 meters, and it is the shortest route to reach the summit.

The Guidance Center at the Fujinomiya 5th Station (New 5th Station) offers advice on mountain climbing and other related issues, while the Medical Center at the Fujinomiya 8th Station provides treatment to climbers who are unwell or hurt.

Gotemba Trail

Also called the Higashi-Omote Trail, this trail that goes through volcanic-ash covered parts of Mt. Fuji is for experienced hikers.

The Gotemba Trail offers a breathtaking view of sunrise from anywhere on the New 5th Station and above.

Subashiri Trail

The Subashiri Trail follows one route from the New 5th Station all the way up to the summit, and a different route for descending the mountain.

This trail is relatively easy to climb allowing even inexperienced tourists to climb safely while enjoying different views.

The hiking trail from the New 5th Station to Kofuji has a variety of fauna peculiar to Mt. Fuji.

The ascent from the 5th Station (New 5th Station) to the summit takes approximately five to seven hours, and the descent about two to three hours (depending on physical condition, duration of breaks, and other factors).


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