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Nishiusuzuka forest picnic course

Nishiusuzuka is small mountainside volcano nestled in a forest. It is along the “Mt. Fuji Skyline” that runs upward to Fujinomiya-guchi 5th Station, and is at an elevation of about 1,250 m, approximately half the height of 5th Station. There is an expansive deciduous forest here with many large beech, oak, and maple trees, and it is the perfect location families and visitors accompanied by children to enjoy a relaxing picnic. The walking course here is relatively flat and short, making it possible to enjoy the natural environment on the side of Mt. Fuji in a relaxed manner without full-fledged hiking clothes and gear.

Course data

  • Elevation difference: about 60 m
  • Distance: about 3 km
  • Suitable time of year: Late May through early November
  • Level: Picnic

[Notes, etc.]

*This course is physically easy to walk, but the flat area in the forest is somewhat confusing because there are several intersections with other paths. Please take particular care if you are new to hiking or if there is poor visibility due to dense fog.


Reference time schedule

10:30 Nishiusuzuka Parking Area

The parking area is located along the Mt. Fuji Skyline. The walking path starts from the rear of the parking area on west side of the road where there is a restroom facility.

Nishiusuzuka Parking Area (entrance to walking path)

Walk 15 min

10:45-10:55 Kaede Hiroba (Maple Square)

This is maple forest where there is a distinctly curved beech tree. At the branch in the path, turn left. A bit further down the path there a tree planting zone with cypresses and firs.

Branch in path 1
The path then heads toward Tateborisawa. After crossing a marsh area where the water has dried up, Mt. Fuji will come into view on the right.

Branch in path 2
Turn right and head toward the Takahachi Parking Area.

Kaede Hiroba (Maple Square)´╝ĆIt will be possible to see signs showing the local route.

Walk 20 min

11:15-11:25 Nara Hiroba (Oak Square)

There are towering oak trees here. After turning right at the branch in the path, there will be an expansive beautiful forest consisting mainly of beech, oak, and maple trees.

In the early spring, viola eizanensis flowers are in bloom.

Walk 10 min

11:35-12:45 Buna Hiroba (Beech Square) (lunch)

There is an expansive beech forest directly below the Nishiusuzuka summit. There are benches and tables here, and it the perfect place to rest or have lunch.

Buna Hiroba (Beech Square) in the early spring

Walk 5 min

12:50-13:05 Nishiusuzuka summit

Nishiusuzuka is one of supposedly more than 70 side volcanoes on Mt. Fuji. There is a crater at its peak, as well as a holy oak tree.

Walk 10 min

13:15 Kaede Hiroba (Maple Square)


Walk 10 min

13:25 Nishiusuzuka Parking Area


*The course duration is merely a general guideline, and it includes time for lunch.

Course map and elevation graph

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