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Downward trek from Fujinomiya-guchi to Gotemba-guchi

This is a course plan in which visitors enjoy the approximately 1,000-meter descent from Fujinomiya-guchi 5th Station at about 2,400 m to Gotemba-guchi 5th Station at about 1,400 m. When visitors see Hoei Crater, which is said to be larger than the crater at the Mt. Fuji summit, and the scenery of the vast volcanic desert that has been created through eruptions, they are overwhelmed by the grand scale of nature’s creations, which is beyond human understanding. The area is also colored with plants that survive in this harsh environment and are unique to the alpine zone of Mt. Fuji, including Japanese knotweed, sagebrush, and larch.

Course data

  • Elevation difference: about 1,050 m
  • Distance: about 7.5 km
  • Suitable time of year: July through late October
  • Level: Trekking

[Notes, etc.]

*While this is a downward trek, it involves descending over 1,000 m so requires a certain level of fitness. Also, walking downhill is hard on the knees, legs, and hips, so walking poles are recommended.
*This trek is in the alpine zone at an elevation of over 2,000 m. Please bring clothing and hiking gear that can withstand strong winds, sudden downpours, and other weather conditions that are characteristic of high mountains.
*The path below the Hoei Craters is through a rough volcanic desert. Please take sufficient care because if there is poor visibility due to dense fog, etc., it is easy to lose the path. Therefore, groups of all beginners should avoid going on this trek alone.


Reference time schedule

9:00 Fujinomiya-guchi 5th Station

Take the ordinary climbing route up to 6th Station.

Walk 30 min

9:30-9:45 6th Station

Hoei-sanso Lodge and Unkai-so Lodge are located here. After passing these buildings, go straight ahead at the branch in the path and do not head toward the summit. Ahead it will be possible to see alpine plants such as lingonberry shrubs.

Walk 15 min

10:00-10:15 1st Hoei Crater

Mt. Hoei was created in an eruption in 1707. Its crater is said to be larger than the crater at the Mt. Fuji summit.

Walk 40 min

11:00-11:15 Goten-niwa-ue

Here there is a wonderful view of Mt. Fuji peaking out from the other side of a large crater. Mt. Hoei is located on the side, and looks almost like a sphinx crouching at the side of a pyramid.

Walk 45 min

12:00 Kotenguzuka

Here there is a plateau of gravel covered with small larch trees. After passing through this forest, it is possible to see Futatsuzuka, which is colored with beautiful green marble.

Walk 30 min

12:30-13:30 Yotsutsuji (lunch)

Here there is an expansive and gently-sloped volcanic desert that offers outstanding vistas. There is a symbolic view of Mt. Hoei above and a wonderful view of the foot of the mountain below.

Walk 15 min

13:45-14:00 Futatsuzuka (Shimozuka)

The two peaks Kamizuka and Shimozuka are said to be twin mountains. There is a grand stone monument on the summit of Shimozuka.

Walk 30 min

14:30 Oishi Goya

This is a mountain hut just before the end of the course. It is great place to relax and use the (fee-based) washbasin to wash one’s face.

Walk 15 min

14:45 Gotemba-guchi 5th Station


*The course duration is merely a general guideline, and it includes time for lunch.

Course map and elevation graph

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