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About Shizuoka Prefecture : Overview


Geographical Information

Shizuoka Prefecture is located approximately at the center of Japan on the Pacific Coast. It stretches 155km from east to west and 118km from north to south with an area of 7,779km2.

Boasting a variety of natural environs such as beaches, mountains, and lakes, Shizuoka is representative of Japan's rich beauty.
Shizuoka Prefecture covers a large area from north to south and east to west.

Its long coastline runs approximately 500km along the Sea of Enshu and Suruga Bay and Sagami Sea.

Majestic, 3,000 meter high mountains, such as Mt. Fuji and some of the mountains which make up the Southern Alps, run from Shizuoka's northern mountain area to the southern plains, providing many breathtaking views.

The streams flowing from these mountains and running through Shizuoka include, among others, the Fuji, Oi, and Tenryu.


Excluding the northern mountain area, Shizuoka Prefecture has a warm oceanic climate with an average yearly temperature of 16.1°C and 2,326.9mm of annual rainfall. Although the four seasons are clearly distinguished, winters are dry and feature many days full of fine weather.

Snow is seldom seen in the flatlands.


The population of Shizuoka Prefecture is approximately 3,800,000, making up an approximate 1,350,000 households.


With a gross prefectural profit of six trillion yen and production shipments totaling more than 17 trillion yen, Shizuoka is one of Japan's most noted "industrial powerhouses".

Approximately half of all Japan's green tea is grown in Shizuoka, considered the best region for green tea production in the country.

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