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Recommended places to go according to your taste. History, culture, nature, onsen, Shizuoka is such a hot place !

History & Culture

There are shrines and temples that attract large numbers of pilgrims. Stroll the historic streets and old highways for the feel of a trip back in time. See the very worthwhile museums and art galleries featuring the artifacts of great Japanese scholars and authors.

Nature & Scenic Spots

Shizuoka has it all: ocean, mountains, lakes, highlands, unspoilt nature. Enjoy Shizuoka scenery at its finest in the Mt. Fuji area: the variegated terrain of Izu Peninsula Geopark, clear streams bringing down the bounty of Mt. Fuji, scenes of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji, the beauty of Lake Hamana, and more.


From east to west, Shizuoka prefecture boasts all kinds of Onsen, on the Izu Peninsula, around Mt. Fuji, in Suruga Bay, along Kawane road, and around Lake Hamana. There are Onsen aplenty where you see Mt. Fuji from, outdoor Onsen with views of Mt. Fuji, and those you can simply stop by without having to stay the night, while soaking off the weariness of the day's travels.


From Onsen inns to stylish hotels, accommodation in Shizuoka prefecture offers both dining and scenic views.

Trip Ideas

Shizuoka prefecture, rich in nature and history, has sights galore for everyone, old and young, to enjoy. See recommended courses for those not sure what to see and do on their first time in Shizuoka. Have fun sightseeing, shopping and dining.