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Central Area

Abundant with histories and cultures, colored with beautiful nature.

As focused on Shizuoka City, known as a cities of Tokugawa Ieyasu who once ruled Japan to establish Edo Period, the central part of Shizuoka Prefecture has lots of sightseeing spots pertaining to histories, cultures and arts to satisfy your curiosity. The area, as a capital of the prefecture, attracts people with not only the life of streets but with coastline of Suruga Bay, beautiful landscape of Oi river in the mountains, green tea plantation around Kawane and Makinohara cities, and mountains of South Alps.

History & Culture

Enjoy the sights of station towns and castle towns, taking in their history and artistry.


Shizuoka offers a variety of hands-on experiences, from tea picking to traditional craftmaking.

Sports & Recreation

A wide variety of ways to have fun, from aquariums to zoos to ropeways.

Nature & Scenic Spots

Enjoy the mountain and ocean scenery of Miho-no-Matsubara, Nihondaira, the Southern Alps, and more.

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