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Shizuoka Festival

Cherries in Full Bloom. There are numerous famous cherry-viewing locations in Shizuoka Prefecture.

April. In Japan, this month marks the start of the new financial and academic years, and is when school and company entrance ceremonies are held.

The flower that is appropriate for this new start is the cherry blossom.

The cherry blossom, which symbolizes spring in Japan, is at its best here in Shizuoka from late March to early April.

Everyone goes out to admire the blossoms at famous cherry-viewing locations.

During the day, they are full of families enjoying themselves, and from the evening university students and businesspeople on the way home from work admire the blossoms while drinking alcohol.

There are many famous cherry-viewing locations in the prefecture.

Sakura-no-Sato in Ito City and Fuji Cemetery in Oyama Town are some of the sites that are famous enough to be chosen by the Japan Cherry Blossom Association in their "Hundred Famous Cherry Sites of Japan.

"In Sumpu Park in Shizuoka City, the reflection of the blossoms on the encircling moat is beautiful.

Viewing cherry blossoms lit up at night is also magical.

The Shizuoka Festival held to coincide with the opening of the blossoms includes an exciting daimyo (feudal lords) parade of people dressed up in costumes from the Edo Period (1603-1867) and other events.

The Hamamatsu Flower Park in Hamamatsu City is also lit up.

The cherry blossoms seen from the bridge above and the cherry blossoms shaped into a tunnel of flowers let you enjoy the blossoms from many angles.

Koganezaki park
Koganezaki Collection Garden

Sagara Picnic Races

Cherry Blossom Festival