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Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is Opened for Climbing, Marking the Start of Summer in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Early July is still overcast and damp in Shizuoka.

However, from the middle of the month the rainy season ends, and the hot summer arrives.

July 1 is the day that Mt. Fuji is officially opened to climbing.

On this day, the Fujisan Hongu Sengentaisha Shrine holds ceremonies starting in the morning to pray for the safety of climbers.

The climbing season for Mt. Fuji lasts until the end of August.

It takes a lot of work and effort to climb to the top of a 3,776-meter mountain, but the beauty of the sunrise (known as "goraiko") seen from the peak is something special.

The other big event of July is Tanabata.

Tanabata stems from a Chinese legend about two stars, Vega and Altair.

Vega and Altair, who were lovers, fell so deeply in love that they no longer worked, and the gods, angry at this, separated them across the width of the Milky Way.

The only day of the year on which the two can meet is the day of Tanabata, July 7th.

On this day, we write our wishes on strips of paper and decorate bamboo leaves with them.

In Shimizu, in Shizuoka City, the Shimizu Tanabata Festival is a major event.

Along the shopping streets, lines of huge colorful bamboo decorations please the eyes of visitors.


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