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Hina-no-Tsurushi Matsuri (Hanged Doll Ornament Festival)


Sense the Culture of Japan while Admiring the Diversity of Hina Decorations.

In March spring gradually arrives, as the weather changes repeatedly between warm and cold.


The Dolls’ Festival (Hina Matsuri) is held on the 3rd of March.

This is a feast day for girls on which their parents pray for their daughter to grow up healthy and eventually have a happy marriage.

They celebrate with chirashi-zushi and salt-baked sea bream, and decorate with hina dolls.

Hina dolls represent a wedding from the Heian Period (794 to 1185).

The Emperor and the Empress, and their retainers and wedding goods are arranged on display.

In fact, Shizuoka is also famous for the production of hina dolls and their accessories.

The products known as "Suruga Hina Dolls" and "Suruga Miniature Furniture (hinagu)" are designated as traditional crafts by the national government.

Apart from these hina dolls, the Izu region has "Tsurushi-kazari," cute hina dolls.

These are small dolls and accessories made by hand from cloth by the mother, who puts her love for her daughter into them, and joined one by one and hung from a stand.

These originally developed in Inatori Spa in Higashiizu Town, and a "Hina Hanging Decoration Festival" is held here each year.

Apart from enjoying the displays, you can also try your hand at making tsurushi-bina.

Why not take a step into the simple yet colorful world of tsurushi-bina dolls?


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