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Mt. Fuji viewed from Nishiusuzuka and fall foliage

The Mountains Painted in their Bright Colors are a Grand Natural Symphony

November in Japan, when the air temperature gets gradually cooler in the morning and evenings.

The season for autumn leaves has finally arrived.

The sight of the tree leaves turning red and gold in preparation for winter is a byword for autumn in Japan.

Why not set out for the mountains, painted in gorgeous shades, and drink in their beauty?
Numerous bewitching autumn leaves areas are dotted throughout the prefecture.

For example, Mt. Fuji Skyline, where you can enjoy a grand spectacle of autumn leaves while gazing at Mt. Fuji.

Alongside the Katsura River in Izu and Shuzenji Temple, there is a lovely view to be had while strolling along between the inns that line the spa town.

In Shuzenji Temple Nature Park, the thousand or so Japanese Maple trees are vivid.

Also, the Sumata Valley in the central region is famous.

The view of autumn leaves seen while crossing the swaying suspension bridge is truly incredible.

The Okuni Shrine in the western region is also a spot not to be missed.

You can enjoy autumn leaves while surrounded by the solemn atmosphere of the shrine.

November is the month the "Shichi-Go-San" Festival (The Seven-Five-Three Festival) is held to pray for the healthy growth of children aged seven, five, and three, so you may meet some cute children dressed up in kimonos who are there to pray.



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