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Yokoo Kabuki

Autumn in Japan - the season of festivals, sports and artistic events.

With mild temperatures and low humidity, October in Japan is the very height of autumn.

Perfect for any kind of activity, it is known in Japan as the season of sports, the season of good food, and the season of arts.

Let’s take a closer look at one of these: autumn – the season of arts in Shizuoka.

There are many traditional art forms passed down from long ago in Shizuoka, and many events are held in various locations, particularly in October.

Take, for example, Yokoo Kabuki performed in the northern area of Hamamatsu City, which has been passed down by tradition for over 200 years.

Kabuki is a style of theatre unique to Japan.

At present, kabuki is famous for being performed by families of kabuki lineage; however, Yokoo Kabuki is performed by amateur actors, which is very unusual in Japan.

Over 100 local people, children to seniors, produce and perform.

This year it will be held for two days from October 11th to 12th.

Also, the Miho Hagoromo Takigi Noh (Noh performed by firelight) will be performed on October 11th on the Miho coast in Shizuoka City.

Enjoy outdoor performances of noh, a traditional drama with as long a tradition as kabuki.

These fire-lit performances will take you into a world of magical and ethereal images and sounds.


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