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Koina Tiger Dance

Autumn in Japan, Sipping Tea while Admiring the Moon.

Summer comes to an end, and cool breezes start to blow.

September is a season of beautiful night skies.

The day corresponding to the 15th day of the 8th month of the old lunar calendar is known as "The Famous Moon of Mid-Autumn," and on this day people in Japan view the moon.

They set out rice dumplings known as "moon-viewing dumplings" (tsukimi dango) and gaze at the moon shining in the night sky in a mood of relaxation.

In Shizuoka Prefecture there are a number of events that reference the moon, such as the Moon-Viewing Tea Ceremonies in Kakegawa City and Fukuroi City.

You can enjoy an atmospheric night of taking tea while viewing the moon.

An unusual event is the ceremony known as the "Koina Tiger Dance," held at the Kinomiya Shrine on the Koina Coast in Minamiizu Town.

The dance, lit by the moonlight, of two adults inside a large tiger costume is a very mystical sight.

This ceremony is designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset by the national government.

The many people attracted by the dance seem to blanket the Koina Coast-and the sound of drums and musical accompaniment fill the air.


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