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Specialties and craftworks, let all goodies of Shizuoka be yours !

You can’t tell about Shizuoka without green tea among varieties of souvenirs. Sweets and snacks using green tea are, needless to say, popular and you can’t also miss wasabi, local sake, mandarin, strawberries, and melon. You can buy seafood everywhere. Even excellent traditional art works which you must love more and more as you use it are available throughout Shizuoka.


Shizuoka means green tea! All sorts of green tea are available straight from the plantation or from a famous supplier, and make the perfect souvenir.

Agricultural products

Shizuoka is proud of its produce, which includes seasonal fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.


There's nothing like the sharp, clean spiciness, the genuine taste, of wasabi fed on clear water from the mountains.

Marine products

Take home fish from the various harbors of Izu, Suruga Bay, and Enshunada.



There's a huge assortment of famous confectioneries, favorites from various regions, to take home as souvenirs that will delight.


Traditional crafts

Take home something of Shizuoka's traditional culture. There's an array of exquisite products that will become well-used favorites.


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