Let's Experience Geisha Culture!

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You can experience traditional Japanese dance, dressed in kimono.

Geisha(Japanese female entertainers trained in singing, dancing, the art of conversation and other arts in order to serve guests as hired companions.) help you wear kimono and teach you how to dance.

Depature date

On Request

Meeting time and place

10:45 a.m~

Time required

2hours and 45 minutes (till 13:30 )


Please book at least one week in advance



The number of people who can participate is 2 to 5 people.

2 persons_the fee is 18000 yen (each person)
3 persons ~ 5 persons_the fee is 15000 yen(each person)

Payment method



Access from Mishima Station change to the Izuhakone line,and get off at Izunagaoka Station.
(It takes about 20 minutes)
At the station,take the bus .(The bus stop name that you have to get off is Onsemba Kami)
Or take taxi to Izunagaoka Kenban(The address is Nagaoka 1037,Izunokuni city.
By Car After passing through the exit of Numazu interchange,please get on the Izu Jukando way to Nagaoka IC.
From there, 3 minutes rides lead you the destination.
  • Nagaoka 1037 ,Izunokuni City google map icon


*Available only for female guests.
*For children, please consult in advance

Basic information of organizer

Company name

Izunagaoka Kemban.


Nagaoka 1037,Izunokuni City,Shizuoka pref.

Phone number


Mail address

Contact us

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