I'll catch red sea bream with Dad ! Off Shirahama / Irozaki

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Off the coast fishing experience (Shirahama / Irozaki) 5:00am - 2:00pm.
Fourth generation from the great grandfather in Kakisaki. The captain is stuck to Madai(red sea bream).
If you use 1 fishing rod, you are charged for this single rod, and number of persons does not matter, whether you are a couple or a family,etc.
If you are a beginner, we will help you kindly.
In addition to Mada, red sea bream, we target Isaki, Moroko, Warasa, occasionally.

*Accomodation options available. Please inquire.
Our fishing inn Hyosukeya is in front of the floating bridge. Make reservation as early as possible. We have only 4 rooms. Parking lot is free.

Depature date

Everyday with requests

Meeting time and place

30 min. before departure at the floating bridge in front of Hyosukeya(inn), Kakisaki, Shimoda

Time required

6 ~ 7 hours





Fishing on board : 14,040 yen/rod, with bait and ice (tax included) / ※child under 7 : discounted (ask for details) / (Rental) Fishing rod : 1,080yen -, tackle : 324yen - (tax included)

Payment method



Access from Atami Station Take a train(including express from Tokyo) to terminal, Izukyu Shimoda. Then take a bus for Suzaki・Tsumekizaki to Koshigoe(7 min.) The floating bridge is in front of you.
By Car Get off at Numazu Interchange(Tomei Express) / Nagaizumi・Numazu Interchange(New Tomei Express) to Izu-Jukando express way. You'll be connected to Rt. 414 to get to Shimoda City. 5 min. more to Kakisaki.

Basic information of organizer

Company name

Hyosukemaru (fishing boat)


36-51 Kakisaki Shimoda Shizuoka

Phone number

090-2619-0781(Suzuki, Hyosukemaru)


Hyosukemaru / Seamon, Outdoors & Natural Encounters in Shimoda( External link )

Mail address

Seamon, Outdoors & Natural Encounters in Shimoda

Person in charge

Toshikazu Suzuki (Hyosukemaru) for TEL
Hideo Tanaka(Seamon, Outdoors & Natural Encounters in Shimoda) for TEL, email