Shuzenji (Keikoku) 88 Point Pilgrimage

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-About Shuzenji-
Shuzenji is located near the center of the Izu Peninsula about 2hours from Tokyo by train.Shuzenji is a well-known spa town with a 1,200-year history,having Michelin 2 stars tourist sites such as Shuzenji Temple(an ancient temple founded by Kobo-Daishi in 807),Shigetsu den (The oldest wooden architecture in Izu),and beautiful Chikurin no Komichi(Bamboo Forest Path)
Here in Shuzenji,there is an 88 point pilgrimage modeled after Shikoku Pilgrimage.

In the Shikoku region of Japan,there is The 88 Temple Pilgrimage called Henro,which is a pilgrimage to the 88 Buddhist temples closely related to Kobo-Daishi(the Buddhist priest Kukai 774-835),who founded the Shingon or "True Word " sect of Buddhism in 807 after his return from a journey to China.The 88 temples were built on the sites where Kobo-Daishi put sacred earth brought back with him from China.
Pilgrims follow in the footsteps of Kobo-Daishi with various purposes. Some walk to pray for good health,better luck or marriage,or some walk to reflect on one's life or to find oneself ,feeling Kobo-Daishi being always at their sides and watching over them.
Shuzenji's equivalent is called Keikoku 88 sites.

-The Origin of Keikoku 88 sites-
It's not easy to go on a pilgrimage to the temples scattered in the vast area of Shikoku.So, Oka Kyugaku, the Shuzenji Temple 38th Zen master, founded a reduced pilgrimage site in Shuzenji,where you can easily gain the same merit as that in Shikoku. He came back with sacred earth from the 88 temples of Shikoku,buried it at the 88 sites of Keikoku area in Shuzenji and erected stone monuments at each place.

The pilgrims,called Ohenro-san,walking on the 24km trails of mountains and local forests are a common sight in Autumn in Shuzenji.Local people give the pilgrims warm hospitality with tea and snacks at each place for 3days of the event.
In Shuzenji,the 3day-tour of The Keikoku 88 Point Pilgrimage is held from November 7th to November 9th every year.
*You can join for one day only.
(Please use this website to check the event.)

Depature date

Day1: Wednesday,November 7th,2018
( Walk from site No.1 to No.35 )

Day2: Thursday,November 8th , 2018
( Walk from site No.36 to No.71 )

Day3: Friday,November 9th,2018
( Walk from site No.72 to No.88 )

Meeting time and place

Meeting Place: Shuzenji Temple
   (About 10 minutes bus ride from Shuzenji railway station)

Meeting Time: Before 8:00a.m.

Time required

Day1:November 7th,2018 - 8:00a.m.~about 3:00p.m.
(Starting from Shuzenji Temple and ending up at Shuzenji Temple)

Day2:November 8th ,2018 - 8:00a.m.~about 3:00p.m.
(Starting from Shuzenji Temple and ending up at Okunoin Temple)
※You can come back to Shuzenji Onsen bus stop from Okunoin Temple in 15minutes by bus.
(The Bus Fare:500yen)

Day3:November 9th ,2018 - 8:00a.m.~about 2:00p.m.
(Starting from Shuzenji Temple and ending up at Shuzenji Temple)


Please make a reservation by October 31st,2018 by E-mail.



Price: 3,000 yen each (children and adults)
Includes: Lunch (2 rice balls) , Ohenro towel
English speaking staff will accompany you to help

Please pay the tour fee to the staff in Japanese yen on the day of the tour.

Payment method




1. If you stay in Shuzenji Onsen,please come to Shuzenji Temple on foot.

2. If you stay along the Izuhakone Railway Line, please get on at the nearest Izuhakone Railway Station and get off at Shuzenji Station.(Last station)
Take the bus for Shuzenji Onsen at Bus Stop No.1,and get off at Shuzenji Onsen(Last stop)
3minutes on foot from Shuzenji Onsen bus stop to Shuzenji Temple.
(Shuzenji Station is about 35minutes from JR Mishima Station by Izuhakone Railway Line and Shuzenji Onsen is about 10minutes from Shuzenji Station by bus.)

For Example:
JR Mishima Station⇒Shuzenji Station(about 35minutes by Izuhakone Railway Line )
Shuzenji Station(Bus Stop No.1)⇒Shuzenji Onsen(about 10minutes by bus ) ⇒Shuzenji Temple( 3 minutes walk)

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  • From Mishima Station to Shuzenji Station google map icon
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  • From Shuzenji Onsen bus stop to Shuzenji Temple google map icon
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- Clothing / Belongings -
・Shoes that are suited for rough surfaces
(Sneakers or Trekking shoes etc.)
・Rain gear

- The number of participants -

Foreign Tourists:from 2 up to 10 participants (minimum 2)
(The total number of participants per day is approximately 200.)

- Required information -
1. Name, Age, Gender, Nationality, Current address, Telephone
number or FAX number of all participants.

2.Requested date

3.Accommodation on the day before joining

Please give us your information by FAX or E-mail.

- Pilgrimage goods -
Pilgrimage related goods will be sold at Shuzenji Temple on the day of the tour.
・Walking stick (1,500yen)  ・Walking stick cover ( 600yen)
・Sanya bag (small carry-all bag 2,000yen)
・Pilgrimage towel (500yen)


Basic information of organizer

Company name

Izu City Tourist Association


631-7 Kashiwakubo Izu-city,Shizuoka 410-2407 Japan

Phone number

TEL: +81-(0)558-99-9501


伊豆市観光協会( External link )

Mail address