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Cycling can be enjoyed in various ways, and options range from casual cycling in the manner of taking a stroll around a neighborhood, to long-distance cycling in the manner of bicycle touring. Cyclists should first of all select a bicycle that suits their needs!

Introduction of rental bicycle model types

Racing bicycle

This type of bicycle features thin tires and a light body. It is mainly geared toward riding at high speeds on paved roads.

Hybrid bicycle

This bicycle integrates the features of racing bicycles and mountain bicycles. It is easy to ride on slightly uneven surfaces, and is well suited for street riding, etc.

Mountain bicycle

This is a bicycle for off-roading, and it is strong with regard to impacts and elevation changes. It is geared toward riding on mountain trails and other unpaved surfaces with many uneven areas.

"Minivelo" small-wheel bicycle

This is a bicycle with small wheels that are 20 inches or less in diameter. It has a small turning radius so is easy to ride on narrow roads.

City bicycle

This is a general bicycle that is commonly referred to as a “mama-chari (granny’s bike)” in Japan. It is geared toward various types of street riding, such as visiting sightseeing spots in urban areas.

Electric bicycle

This is a bicycle in which human power is supplemented by electric power. An electric motor assists the rider’s pedal power, so even pedaling up slopes is easy.

Tandem bicycle

This bicycle has multiple pedals and seats, so can be ridden by multiple people in a fore to aft seating arrangement. While a disadvantage of this type of bicycle is that it has a large turning radius due to its long body, another feature is the fact that it is easy to accelerate since pedaling is carried out by multiple people.