Chutoen area

Cycling alongside
Tenhama local train line

Chutoen area

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The Chutoen area, which features traditional Japanese original landscapes, has few ups and downs, so is recommended for beginner cyclists. It is possible to rent bicycles at five stations on the Tenhama Line, such as Enshumori Station, so visitors can enjoy traveling by bicycle and railway.

Attractive features of areas 01

Stress-free cycling on gently sloped hills throughout the area

The topography of the Chutoen area, which has gentle undulations along the way from the mountains to the ocean, is just right for slow-style cycling. It is possible to visit tea plantations on the expansive Makinohara Plateau and semi-natural rural landscapes in a relaxed manner, and pedaling is easy on the cycling roads along levees.

Rural landscape along Sakagawa River

Tea plantation

Kikugawa Levee

Attractive features of areas 02

History and tradition at castle town Kakegawa and “little Kyoto of Enshu” Morimachi

This area features many shrines, temples, and so on, including Kakegawa Castle, which is considered to be a famous castle of Tokai, Hattasan Sonei Temple where the local specialty is “amulet dumplings,” and lovers’ shrine Okuni Jinja. Other must-sees include the protective charms specifically for bicycles at Amenomiya Shrine, and Shiosai Bridge, which is considered to be a cyclist landmark.

Kakegawa Row of Pine Trees

Shiosai Bridge

Kakegawa Castle

Attractive features of areas 03

Fun tour of cultural-property station buildings of the Tenryu Hamanako Railroad

The Tenryu Hamanako Railroad, which connects Kakegawa Station in the east with Shinjohara Station in the west, has 36 registered tangible cultural properties along its rail lines. There are many impressive and valuable railway properties from the Showa era here, including a turntable for changing the direction of railway cars, wooden station buildings and platforms, and bridges.

Kakegawa Station

Boarding the Tenryu Hamanako Line

Railway car turntable

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