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Izu Animal Kingdom

The first White Tiger in Izu Area

The first White Tiger in Izu Area

  • The first White Tiger in Izu Area

  • Restaurant ""Animal Kingdom""

  • Jewel digging at Sandy Creek

Izu Bio Park reopened as “Izu Animal Kingdom”. You can walk in a herd of animals to watch them from every angle in our new facility “Walking Safari” zone. Even in our restaurant, you can also enjoy watching animals through glasses.
Please make your day in the “Play Zone” with the go-cart, Ferris wheel and other attractions and the “Sports Zone” for shooting or putting golf. New amusement equipment “Sandy Creek” has been installed first in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Basic Information


Izu Animal Kingdom

Postal Code



3344 Inatori, Higashiizu Town

Operation Information/Charges

9:00 - 17:00 (Apr 1 - Sep 30)/9:30 - 16:30 (Oct 1 - Mar 31)/ Night Safari (Mid Sep - Late Aug) until 22:00

Contact Information


Izu Animal Kingdom (External Link)




Large Bus Parking

Not available


Small-size cars750car 500

Equipment and Service in Facilities



Toilet Facilities

Not allowed

Free Wi-Fi

Not available

Eating & Drinking

Not available


If coming by the Tokai Shinkansen:

Atami Station
(Route) From Izukyu Inatori Sta. ⇒ 10 minutes by bus

If driving (Tomei Expressway):

Numazu IC

Universal Design

  • Multi-purpose toilet
  • Wheelchair rental

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